About Us

About Us

250x250_fitbox_child_reading_books.jpgHome-Start in Waverley  is a voluntary organisation that helps families with at least one child under 5 years who are finding life difficult.  We believe that a little help early on, is more valuable than a lot of help later, when things are going seriously wrong.

By helping early on with a word of advice or help to find independence, young children will have a better start in life, and have a better chance to turn out as productive and responsible citizens. We know that parenting is not easy.

Home-Start is a non-judgemental organisation, and helps any parent who is struggling, for any reason. Some of those reasons may include; multiple births, an abusive partner, isolation, mental or physical handicap, or the pressure that loss of employment brings to a family.

Part of the National Home-Start Scheme, we recruit and train volunteers to visit familes in their homes, offering support, friendship and practical help when they are struggling. Our staff carefully match familes with Volunteers, so that a bond quickly grows, and the Volunteer can make a swift impact on family life.

The volunteers have been through the mill of parenthood themselves, so know first-hand, what it's like to be responsible for young children. Before being matched with a family the volunteers attend a 40 hour Home-Start Preparation Course, held over a period of 8-10 weeks, and are supported by a member of the office staff.

By being there and understanding - not judging or interfering, our volunteers supported 108 families with 292 children from
April 2012 to March 2013. They gave over 4400 hours of their time, for no reward save the knowledge that their efforts to help a young family have made their community stronger.

Often families will find they can cope again after a few months or even a year. Some are a little more challenged, in which case it will take longer to get the family back on its feet. The longest time a Volunteer has supported a family has been 3 years. Either way, the Volunteer stays with the family until the job is done, and only leaves once we're sure the family can manage themselves.

No less important are the Management Committee, again all volunteers, who give their time to oversee the running of the Scheme and support the small team of staff. The Management Committee meets every month and handles such issues as, employment and personnel, health and safety, communications and funding.

Please contact us if you feel you would like support Home-Start in Waverley, are interested in volunteering, serving on the Management Committee, serving as a 'Friend of Home Start', would like to support us with a donation, or are just interested to learn more about us.

Annual Report 2013

Download the annual report here